Supply Chain Tracking Software – A Quick List Of Different Tracking Software Available

Supply Chain Tracking Software - A Quick List Of Different Tracking Software Available

Supply chains have existed from the start of history, going back to the creation and sale of the first product or service. It became increasingly complex with the rise of industrialization, allowing businesses to produce and distribute goods and services more efficiently. Supply chain visibility is one of the issues that manufacturers experience. This refers to the ability to track manufactured and dispersed goods across the supply chain. There is various software available to initiate tracking. Take a look to learn about .

Supply Chain Tracking Software – What Exactly Is A Supply Chain Tracking Software?

Supply Chain Tracking Software

You can track things from their origin to their final destination with supply chain tracking. Know which companies, products, and procedures make up your whole supply chain, how they interact, and how well they perform in a moment. Many firms and organizations rely on supply chain tracking for their sustainability and social activities.

Raw materials, parts, components, and completed goods are tracked from suppliers to manufacturers, retailers, and distributors, as well as to customers, using supply chain visibility software. This software is used to increase the quality of products and services delivered by improving transparency in complex supply chain networks. Supply chain visibility tools help companies improve inventory levels and transportation activities, resulting in higher profits. Distribution firms and departments, as well as procurement and supply planning managers from suppliers and manufacturers, all employ supply chain tracking software.

Supply Chain Tracking Software – Best Supply Chain Tracking Software Available

  1. FourKites – FourKites is the world’s most popular supply chain visibility platform, expanding visibility beyond vehicles to yards, warehouses, and retail. FourKites combines real-time data and strong machine learning to help firms automate their end-to-end supply chains. Many brands trust this software to transform their business and develop more agile, efficient, and long-term supply chains.
  1. Shippeo – Shippeo is the market leader in supply chain visibility . It assists large shippers and logistics service providers in leveraging real-time transportation data to provide outstanding customer experience and achieve operational excellence. The Shippeo platform gives users fast access to real-time delivery tracking, automates inefficient manual operations, and provides unrivaled ETA accuracy.
  1. Descartes MacroPoint – Descartes MacroPoint offers a global freight visibility platform and carrier capacity network. Using multimodal visibility, predictive analytics, and an automated communication platform that enables “Manage by Exception” features, you can see, evaluate, predict, and communicate the status of each delivery in real-time. With AI-driven capacity matching, the cloud-based solution, which is compatible with a wide range of TMS systems, can also automate and accelerate the carrier sourcing process.

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