All about Lego Serious Play Training

The online Lego serious play methodology gives you facilitation knowledge beyond conventional Lego serious play belief. They deliver workshop results with almost no travel costs. You can use their recent innovations that enable remote groups to co-creating shared concepts with the help of lego bricks. The instructor-led course teaches you more than just Lego serious play. It empowers you with extra facilitation skills, confidence, and real practice so that you can work at an entirely new level.

It’s a technique that helps you in exploring the connections and relationships between people, observe dynamics both internally and externally, obtain awareness of possibilities and explore different hypothetical scenarios.

Searching for a facilitator to train you? 

The lego strategy for groups recommends using trained facilitators. Clients who want an experienced facilitator for running workshops can look on the internet for facilitators. You can also look for community platforms online.

After identifying the facilitator, to ensure that you get your requirements met, check if the facilitator is experienced and trained in lego serious play.

If you want to become a lego serious play facilitator 

Getting facilitator training is the best way to embark on the journey of becoming a lego serious play facilitator. Search for community sites and read the materials carefully and look out for references.

The two ways to get facilitator training.

1.Get trained in the primary technique or

2.Get the expanded version of the training. This is designed by a team of community members.

How does the training help you

This training will help you gain confidence and commit to goals. In the facilitated meetings, you will build landscape models using Lego elements. You give them meaning by your story-making. You will also play out different possible scenarios. This process deepens understanding, helps you bond together socially, and sharpens insights. This methodology guides you to exchange opinions honestly and freely. The tangible and physical constructions enable you to get into conversations that flow without any fear of hurting personal feelings. You will realize that real issues get addressed and eventually it will enable you to look at things through your colleague’s eyes and they will view things through yours.

It is a tool that helps in building effective results 

This procedure is an innovative, experimental, and radical process that is developed to improve business performance. It is designed on the belief that everybody is capable of contributing to discussions, can help make decisions and influence the outcome.

The lego aspects enable you in taking a quick shortcut to the essence. These elements act as catalysts. When you use them to build metaphors they incite strategies that you may not have been aware of.

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