Genesis G70 And G90- Taking Luxury Cars To The Next Level

Genesis G70 And G90

Genesis is a luxury division of Hyundai. This company is the manufacturer of luxury sedan cars since 2016 and had been very competitive in the area. The cars manufactured by them are designed by german designers and engineers and are made of high quality raw materials. For several years, they were working on the Genesis G70 and it came out in the year 2017. This was one of the best cars in that year and stands out for the technology it uses and the comfort of the driver. It also has an 8-inch touch screen and many other built-in facilities. Drivers felt very comfortable driving this car.

Why Genesis?

With a very good R and D and a perfect making, the brand was ranked as the topmost among all the others in the year 2018 by the consumer reports. This report card also includes a number of tests and surveys and it still stood first. They are very reliable and also very easy to use. It takes comfort to the next level. Not just this, it has also undergone many other tests like crash test and vehicle analysis. They are still working on introducing many more luxury sedans that make comfort and safety the priority. There are user reviews on the internet. Customers find these cars very interesting and worth buying as it is built with almost all the advanced features that are available.

The development:

The same brand also released Genesis G90 in 2018-19. This car also had an advanced specification. Both the cars used gasoline as fuel. The G90 was more luxurious and gave more power and torque. Though safety and comfort in both the cars were almost the same, the G90 had bigger legroom in the front and back. Both, being sedans, had a maximum seating of 5 people. The G90 was lengthier and bigger than the G70 and it had a bigger cargo volume and hence it could help carry more luggage. Both had very good brake system and proper airbags that worked really well in making sure everybody inside were safe even during accidents. People find both very comfortable and safe for travelling short or long distances.

These are very good quality cars that are preferred by many people for the sake of safety. These have an amazing exterior look. The R and D and the designers are working very hard on bringing up more cars in the G series with very good specs. They have been updating the features and releasing new cars. There are various colours available is also very easy to contact them online or from their website. It is easy to find out the prices of the new car. They can also guide you and help you get a car loan to buy a Genesis car.

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