Getting Good Engraving on Your Trophies and Plaques

Getting Good Engraving on Your Trophies and Plaques

Excellent engraving on trophies and plaques can be as important as design and materials. an effective engraving or print is used. Engraving conveys what the trophy is for, and its message can be made more effective with good graphic design. There are several ways to ensure effective engraving and design, organized below depending on the award’s purpose. For example, a trophy or corporate name plate will require a different decoration and structure than a sports award. Working with an award-winning company that has skilled graphic designers will ensure that your engraving and personalization complements the overall trophy design rather than diminishing it.

Trophies and corporate plaques

The purpose of the corporate awards is to recognize the contribution to the company’s development; You can achieve specific goals, such as sales or new customers, and more general categories, such as leadership or teamwork. The design of these trophies and plaques should reflect the brand and values ​​of the company and the specific reason for which they are presented. The easiest way to incorporate your branding into engraving is to add your company logo. Crystal awards can be laser engraved with high quality; they can be laser engraved or printed in full color for labels. The next step is choosing a good font. If the logo contains text, this font may match the text on trophies or nameplates. For example, sales prizes can use bold, eye-catching fonts or designs that reflect the team members’ values ​​and personalities. Finally, font size and layout are essential. The size and shape of the award must be taken into account; otherwise, the engraving may render it disproportionate or off-center. Round or angular trophies often work best with text that appears as curves or angles in the design.

trophies and plaques

Sports and personal plaques and trophies

Sports awards are about the team. Such awards can be more extravagant than corporate design. Team colors should be incorporated into the materials used and engraving and personalization, whenever possible. Since images and photographs can be engraved or laser printed, they can also be included. Handing the trophy to the coach and the management with the team picture is a great personal touch. Photos must be watermarked when printed and grayscale when recorded. Make sure your trophy shop has a good designer who can preserve the detail and clarity of your images before shooting.


Good printing is about getting your message across clearly, with style and design that matches what you are presenting it for. Standard font and layout can achieve this, but good graphic design can enhance the experience of an award.

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