Hollywood publicists come together to seek out justice for slay colleague


The Hollywood group of people was trembled by a heartbreaking death of publicist Ronni Chasen who was blast and killed while driving home from the party in the year of 2010. Her unfortunate demise brought together her fellow publicists who unified to hoist a momentous amount of money for recompense to help the investigation of police. This specific article emphasizes their hard work in looking out for justice to their slain colleague and also the following court case filed by a tipster who played an ultimate role in finding a killer. For getting more information to this, you can simply .

Charitable donations for reward cash

Really, the dreadful kill of honored Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen has brought the aggressive community of after the scenes publicist jointly in a cohesive front. Once decided to explore the killer who is liable for her unfortunate death, they have united together and donated to the momentous rewards towards the recompense for any information leading to an executor. Actually, the Ronni has broadly renowned for her tireless hard works in endorsing her celebrity clients, which was sadly blast to demise while driving home from the party following a first night of greatly involved film burlesque starring Cher and Christina Aguilera. In waken of the overwhelming loss, compliments dispensed in from the shocked society of publicists. Faced with be deficient in of significant escorts in an enduring murder inquiry, they just took it upon themselves to make a payment economically.

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The Palm Springs international film festival is a company that had worked together with the Chasen for several years and recently announced a reward of $100,000 on Wednesday. The chairman of this festival named Harold Matzner, who uttered his in-depth grief, has referring to Ronny as a very great lady, a mastermind at her craft and also a good friend. The statement of Matzner highlights a confusing temperament of her demise as well as the need for justice. The fellow publicist Michael Levine had formerly taken some action a day before by commencing the amount to collect an extra of $25,000.

Tipster takes legal actions over unpaid reward amount

As per the latest court case filed in Los Angeles superior court, the nameless tipster called as John Doe who offered noteworthy information lead to an arrest of the Hollywood publicist’s demise in a past case. Now, it is looking for to gather the pledged reward amount. The two close friends Michael ad Matzner supposedly failed to respect their assurances of $100,000 and $25,000 correspondingly. To know more about this high profile case, you just take a look at this link https://www.zimbio.com/Harold+Matzner/pictures/pro.

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