Know the various types of Pipe Couplings

A pipe couplings or coupler plays a vital role in connecting the pipe sections while maintaining the integrity of the pipes in the process. It is a very beneficial pipe fitting for the plumbing and piping industry. Most pipe installations need some lengths to be connected or cut to facilitate changes in crossing obstacles or directions. A pipe Coupling is a short length of tube or pipe, it has a female pipe thread or socket at one or both ends. Pipe coupling allows tubes or two pipes of equal or various sizes to be associated together to make a long pipe run.

A pipe coupling can be reduced or increased in internal diameter to link pipes of different sizes, be cross or T-shaped. To attach more than two pipes or angled to form bends.

Different functions that a coupler or a pipe coupling can serve are the following:

  • It aids in extending or closing pipe runs
  • It can be used to modify pipe size
  • It can be used to repair a leaking or broken pipe

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Be familiar with the various types of coupling

            Pipe couplings come in different configurations and types. They can be firm or flexible depending on the distinct pipe movements. In the case of wastewater piping and water, the couplings must be ductile and suitable for numerous types and sizes. Below are some well-known coupling types used in the industry:

  • Half Coupling
  • Half Coupling is used for small bore branching from a large bore pipe or vessel. It can be a socket or threaded type. It has a thread or socket end on only one side. A socket weld half coupling can be welded directly to a huge bore pipe.
  • Full Coupling
  • For small bore pipes, Full Coupling is being used to connect. It is used to link pipe to pipe or pipe to nipple or swage.
  • Compression Coupling
  • A compression coupling is attached to two aligned pipes wherein a slotted tapered sleeve is set over the junction. And two flanges are drawn over the sleeve thus they give enough contact pressure.
  • Repair Coupling/ Slip Coupling
  • A slip coupling is also known as a repair coupling that includes two pipes. Slip coupling is made without any internal stop, to be slipped into place in firm locations.
  • Reducing Coupling
  • Reducing coupling is used to attach pipes of diverse diameters. A reducing coupling has two various sizes of threads on every side.

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