No space on land? Don’t worry; we have brought to you the sea-burial

No space on land? Don’t worry; we have brought to you the sea-burial

Losing someone is a moment of grief and sorrow that cannot be explained in words. This challenging time requires lots of management to be done, keeping aside our teras. We understand that the final farewell to your loved ones always has to be a most religiously moving process and that nothing should be left undone to bid the excellent soul final adieu! Finding trustworthy help is all we need. Due to rising urbanization, and agricultural needs, the crematorium land is now being converted into agricultural land. Therefore, the space for burrowing dead bodies is decreasing and will go exhausted in the next 15 years; therefore, choose to rest your loved ones by sea burial.

Why us?

We are a group of young, dynamic, dedicated people who have spent a part of our life in this service. We understand that this time of grieving and loss is hard, but certain formalities also have to be done simultaneously. Therefore, we are here to worry on your behalf. Passing away young ones requires so much to be dealt with emotionally and managerially. We are arranging for the cremation to bid a pious farewell to your loved ones is more of our responsibility than our job because you are like our own family. Your grief is our utmost concern. Leave your worries to us.

sea burial

Why choose burial in the sea?

For ages, people had been resting the remains of their loved ones on land in the form of epitome. This epitome serves as a gesture of remembrance, but what will happen when land goes limited in the coming time. Therefore, here in Singapore, burial in water is becoming in trend. This saves land, and the remains are dispersed in the holy flow of seawater. Thus, making the remains more pious. The burial option on the ground in Singapore is limited, the only ground being Kang cemetery. This burial is also easy and economical for families because not everyone can afford to buy a piece of land to rest the body’s remains. Since sea burial allows scattering of the remains that are no less religious, why spend thousands on land burial?

Our services

The final hour of preparation is very hectic; therefore, we have made our process simple and easy. Log in on our website and fill in your details and the services required. We have different packages for our services according to your needs. Select only that suits you well, and wave to your beloved a final goodbye most piously.

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