Plastic Display Stands in Singapore for outdoor use.

Plastic Display Stands

In public spaces like bus stops, taxi ranks, and the street itself, you’ll find outdoor advertising, which may be erected on public or private land, depending on the advertiser. An acrylic display stand is used in YouPrint outdoor advertising constructions. In addition to being visually beautiful and appropriate for the locations where they are erected, they are also environmentally conscious and socially responsible in Singapore. Our gorgeous display stands are Singapore’s most OK, thanks to their eye-catching frame design. Know all about display stand singapore.

Every business within Singapore may benefit from our display stands since we provide them at various pricing ranges. Our goal is to help you succeed, whether you’re a start-up hoping to make an impact or an established firm trying to reach a new market or demographic.

Adverts may be placed on our outdoor billboards

You may still get your word out there with the help of poster advertising. With our long-lasting, vibrant, and highly readable display stands, YouPrint makes it simple for companies to reach more customers on the go. If you’re exhibiting at a trade fair in Singapore, they’re an excellent method to get your message out to the people that matter most.

display stand singapore

Our outdoor exhibition structure offers the following advantages:

As a result, our acrylic exhibit stands can withstand Singapore’s extreme weather conditions. To top it all off, our acrylic paint is resistant to wind abrasion and heat tolerance.

  • A solid and long-lasting display framework is what we provide. Our stands are accurate, safe, and feature-rich enough to satisfy customers’ needs.
  • It can be put together and removed in only a few hours.
  • Using our outdoor frames, you can be confident that your finished project will endure longer and need less upkeep.

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Find out why we’re one of Singapore’s most popular printing and sign-making firms by chatting with our helpful staff now. You may reach us by phone at (6297 0325) or by filling out the form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to discuss customizing your acrylic display stands.


Outdoor advertising may be found in places like bus stops, taxi ranks, and on the street itself, and it can be placed on either public or private property, depending on the advertiser. YouPrint’s outdoor advertising structures make use of an acrylic display platform. In addition to their aesthetic appeal and suitability for the locales in which they are placed, the structures in Singapore are also ecologically friendly and socially responsible. Because of their eye-catching frame design, these stunning display stands are the best in Singapore.

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