Sap projects and change management


BCC – ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence systems SAP projects are inseparable from organizational changes.

Critical Area

When planning the implementation of an erp solution hk, the first elements that are usually highlighted are the system functionality, deadlines, composition of the implementation team, technical infrastructure, and license costs. After defining the scope of implementation and project deadlines, but before finalizing the composition of teams and other elements of the plan, the area of ‚Äč‚Äčorganizational changes should also be considered.

Customers are primarily interested in the possibilities of adapting the system to their organizational structure, business processes, market specifics, etc. Flexibility and huge configuration possibilities of SAP systems are, of course, their great advantage and decide on the popularity of implementations. In response to this demand, SAP also offers several industry versions of the system (IS – Industry Solutions), and in the end, each – even the most individual business requirement – can be met by additional programming solutions in ABAP, Java, or other languages. Meanwhile, erp cloud hk organizational changes can arouse the greatest resistance among employees and even management staff. On the other hand, changes introduced successfully result in improvements in the processes and affect the company’s efficiency.


Effect or reason

From the point of view of organizational changes, SAP projects can be divided into two groups:

  • SAP projects that result from organizational changes
  • SAP projects causing organizational changes.

The first group includes projects carried out as if by the way or resulting from the construction of a new plant, the introduction of a new group of products, the reorganization of business processes, divisions or mergers of companies, etc.

This group of projects is, in a sense, “safer” because it is obvious to everyone from the beginning that organizational change is the focal point around which the project is organized. Often, the change itself (which entails system implementation) is managed as a separate project, with a dedicated project manager, schedule, budget, etc.

Due to these threats and opportunities, change management should be considered as one of the critical areas of SAP project management. However, the other side should not be forgotten – in parallel with the implementation of the system, the company will undergo organizational changes. This element occurs during every implementation, although it is often treated as something obvious, and it happens that not much attention is paid to it in the project.

Typical organizational changes that are the reason for SAP projects

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Capital group consolidation
  • Separation of the unit / company / plant
  • Construction of a new plant, distribution center, etc.

Reorganization of processes (e.g., centralization of commercial and marketing activities to one central unit within the holding)

Entering a new market? Geographical, new product group, new distribution channel, etc.

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