The journey of Shari Arison shall remind you about the importance of hard work and perseverance

The journey of Shari Arison shall remind you about the importance of hard work and perseverance

Women empowerment is a glaring topic in the current scenario. The need to remind women of theirstrength and to give them the required confidence so that they can step up on their own is something which is a major cause for concern. Especially when it comes to Middle Eastern countries, it is extremely important to uplift women and helps them to think differently. For this purpose, mere movements and speeches will not help as they shall only be like talking to a wall. What one requires at this moment is the presence of empowered women who can share her story, which gives confidence to the other women too. In this respect, Shari Arison is a woman who speaks of women empowerment in myriad tongues. The women are extremely powerful and equally influential, and it is for this reason that the following article shall share her struggles on her road to success.

A Force To Look Out For

Shari was born in America to the millionaire and philanthropist Ted Arison and mina Sapir. Her family consists of her parents and elder brother. Her parents got a divorce in the year 1q966 after which she shifted to Israel to stay with her mother.

Shari Arison

For a brief period, she also stayed with her father the US but again returned to Israel to her mother. She also enrolled herself in the defence forces of Israel. In the year 1999, her father died, and she inherited his fortune, which was worth approximately 34% of his stakes. She then started her own business by investing in real estate and banks and soon garnered enough popularity and amassed wealth to make her the wealthiest women in Israel.

Career And Other Activities

Shari Arison is the owner of the firm arison investments which is made by comprising several business firms including The Ted Arison Family Foundation,which is known for a plethora of philanthropic activities. These activities are performed by several companies, which are the subsidiaries of the company. Moreover, Arison was also controlling the bank of bank Hapoalim as the primary shareholder of the company. However, after 21 years of presiding over the bank as the controlling shareholder, she sold her stake in the year 2018 only to lose her position of responsibility. The Forbes magazine named her as the richest women in Israel and other Middle Eastern countries. She has also received several accolades and recognition for her philanthropic activities. Arison has been married and divorced thrice and has four children.

Thus, Shari Arison is truly a symbol of women empowerment and is an inspiration to the other women as well.

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