The Modern Technology in the Today’s Business

Our modern technology has led us to more advanced technology from our Old Ages. It has a great impact in our modern life that is unmeasurable. We are not aware of this, but every day of our life, we use technology in many different ways. Today, it has been part of our every task, or we accomplish certain tasks with the help of our technology. This is where the popularity of evolved technology has been increasing. What are the other positive effects of this modern technology to humans?

  1. The efficiency of Work and Productivity
  • Our technology has been a great help to the increasing production of any business. The pace of the transactions within an organization has become faster as the technology rises.
  1. Easy Access to Any Information
  • Through different platforms of technology, communication within a company is faster than before. Also, it became easier through the help of exchanging chats or as easy as a phone call or even video call.
  1. Innovation and Enhance Creativity
  • Humans have the capability to think about what technology can offer more. Through the creative works of humans, different software and applications were created.

Microsoft Exchange

Today, one of the leading applications that are being used by different companies in Office 365. Before, we are already using Microsoft Office: 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and the latest Office 2019. These versions are the stand-alone Office that can be installed on our computers and laptops. It has two types of bundles that you can choose to have, one is the “Home and Business” and the other is the “Professional”. On the other hand, Office 365 is the new part of the Microsoft Office that is included in the services offered by Microsoft. It is a line of subscription that offers different subscription plans based on what is needed by an individual, organization, company, or business. It is considered nowadays as the most used by both students and workers. This version is entirely cloud-based, including all the Office suites like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, Access, and Outlook. It is perfect for small businesses, academic institutions, large businesses, companies, and non-profit organizations, as this version runs in the cloud. It does not need servers for emails, websites, and file storage. By removing servers, the energy costs will decrease. But we have to be guided that Office 365 can only be used when you have an account and Internet connectivity.

Office 365 business uses azure professional service for companies. Azure is a cloud computing service that is also created by Microsoft. We already know that Office 36 can only be run in the cloud. The integration of Azure and Office 365 has a great help to the organizations’ transformation in this world that is already using modern technology.

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