The Purpose Of Lorry Crane Services

The Purpose Of Lorry Crane Services

Using the services of a lorries company is critical when transporting particularly heavy goods. Simply put, haulage refers to the transportation companies in charge of commercial transportation, especially heavy and uncomfortable goods. A specialist and thorough lorries transport firm can assist with all your needs, from broad and abnormal load transit to freight and light loaders. A crane lorry is among the most useful and valuable pieces of equipment for haulage needs, and many haulage businesses can employ such cranes for use. Looking for lorry cranes in Singapore? Look no further than Pollisum.

What exactly is a crane truck?

A lifting lorry is a truck vehicle with a crane hung on the back. With a basic cab in the front, the lifter is connected just behind or at the rear of the vehicle, with room in between for the goods to be raised. Depending on the size, these trucks can have four to eight tires, and the cab can serve as an able-to-operate stand on some models, while others have a supplementary operating stall at the rig’s rear.

A crane lorry is typically used to load and unload heavy cargo, usually one item, but it is also for building projects and repairs. Most crane trucks are available in various models to accommodate greater heights and mass capacities.

Looking for lorry cranes in Singapore? Look no further than Pollisum.

The advantages of a lifting lorry

If you’re considering hiring a lifting lorry for your task or site and believe they’ll be suitable for the job but aren’t sure, it’s beneficial to know how many advantages this equipment has.

  • As previously stated, a crane lorry can be in several industries and sectors ranging from agriculture and marine to building projects and retail.
  • Ease of access – while a conventional crane might need to be transferred in components before even being set up, which can be inconvenient in some climates, a crane lorry is a single unit that can easily access challenging sites. They also do not require the support pads that traditional cranes do and can perform much better on pebbly or gentle ground.
  • A lifting lorry can transport heavy and uncomfortable objects into small or restricted spaces. Depending on the model, the crane end can be tilted up to 180 °. They also take up far less space than traditional cranes, making them perfect for urban, rural, and building environments, and they can be relocated anytime.

A lifting lorry is usually required for bulkier goods, but only for single items. A crane lorry is a highly flexible piece of equipment that can transport everything from combined energy harvesting and construction supplies to bins and cars when it arrives in heavy transit and abnormal loads.

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