What is a hydraulic torque wrench?

hydraulic torque wrench

hydraulic torque wrench is a power tool used in construction and mechanical work. The primary function of this wrench is to apply sufficient strength so that a screw is tightened to the maximum extent or a very tight screw can be loosened. These wrenches have pre-determined strengths, and only that can be applied to the screw, which needs to be adequately lubricated.

When was it introduced?

The first hydraulic wrench was introduced in the market in the early 1906s. Soon the idea took off, and many variations were produced. The tool was enhanced and modified, and soon, today’s hydraulic torque wrench was created. Nowadays, they have a lot of features, such as variation in the amount of torque produced, the nose diameter of the screw that can be fit, etc.

The benefit of these tools is that they are lighter and produce little to no noise than other power tools with a torque of the same capacity. This makes them much more helpful for many people, especially those who cannot wield the other heavy devices or those who do not want to make a lot of sounds when working.

hydraulic torque wrench

How does it work?

The name of the device, the hydraulic torque wrench, indicates that it works with the help of energy generated by hydraulic pressure. Hydraulic pressure is the pressure generated with the help of fluids. The concept lies with the fluid mechanic’s side of physics and chemistry. But, in simple terms, it relies on liquids and is created by restricting or inhibiting its flow. A small input can produce a large output of energy. Hence, it is very efficient, and thus the resulting machine is also very efficient in performing its job.

Since these tools are driven by hydraulic pressure, they need to be connected to a hydraulic pump that sends high power through a hydraulic hose. This power allows a high torque output to be generated. These pumps need to be calibrated and can be driven either pneumatically, i.e., using air and fluids, or with the help of electricity.

These power tools make the job of construction which involves tightening necessary and heavy screws and bolts, which may require as much as 1000 ft. Lbs. Torque energy is easy and quicker for the worker. But, similar to any power tool, one needs to take care while operating this machine, and one should be aware of the pinch points and maintain other safety levels.

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