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First Step Towards Enhancing Business Performance

First Step Towards Enhancing Business Performance

When we talk about business performance and productivity, several factors run through our mind which includes efficient employees, innovative ideas, technical advancement, team work etc. But, what about the space where we work? Workspace is a factor that many of us do not pay much attention to. Though it seems like a simple thing, as far as a business is concerned, the workspace plays a determining role in its performance. Those who are looking for the best officespace to run their business, don’t have to look beyond

Why BridgeWorks?

  • At Bridgeworks, we understand your need to find something different from a standard office. Hence, the offices and amenities are designed to meet the modern business needs. Unlike regular offices where you have to limit yourselves to the desks, here you can have full access to all our locations, lounges, common areas, cafes and workspaces. This helps the employees to refresh their minds and work more efficiently.
  • One cannot focus on the business when there are other things to be taken care of. At Bridgeworks, we take care of –
  • Coffee
  • Internet access (wi-fi)
  • Daily cleaning
  • Mail and package handling
  • Office supplies
  • Community management and much more.


Since, we take care of all these things you can shift your entire focus towards the growth of your business.

  • Along with private office spaces, meeting rooms, and event spaces, we also provide coworking spaces. It helps in boosting your potentials by working in the same space with like-minded professionals. It provides opportunity for both individual and business growth. Here, you also get the opportunity to meet large and small business groups. By sharing your ideas with them, you can push your business to the next level. These are the little little things which most of us ignore while choosing a workspace and settle for regular office spaces.

No matter what kind of business you own, Bridgeworks has the solution for all your business needs. Taking into consideration the modern work requirements, we provide our clients with the following services-

  • Daily Pass: By making a one-time payment of $45, one can have one day workspace access from 9 am to 5 pm Monday-Friday.
  • Week Pass: It includes one week of workspace access at $175.
  • Office for a day/week: Many of us might require an office space just for a day or a week. It is for such people, we have come up with this service which starts at $200.
  • Event Space: Organising events is important to build business relations. Hence, event spaces are an important part of an office space. At Bridgeworks, event space is offered at a starting rate of $100/hr.

Choosing the right office space is the first step towards enhancing your business performance. helps you take the step. You can contact us or book a tour to know more about the membership and the various services offered at Bridgeworks. Choose the service according to your needs and see your business grow.

One Way to Improve Your ASX Company’s Pool of Employees

Keeping your financial business afloat is a tremendous task to accomplish. Many businesses have fallen because of the wrong decisions made by their owners, while others went downhill because of the wrong directions taken by employees. Simply put, if you want your business to survive in the Australian market, you should not only focus on good financial management but also on good employee management.

Your employees are your assets – when they commit to exert their best efforts, your business will surely experience growth, but once they lose their motivation and do things on their own, chances are your business will meet its downfall fast. This is why it is extremely important to carefully choose the people you include in your company. If you pick people with right mindset and have the best intentions to help the company grow, you can be sure that your business will achieve its immediate and long-term goals.

There are many possible ways on how you can improve your organization’s recruitment process, and one of the best examples involves proper assessment of applicants and employees. Majority of today’s Australian established ASX companies depend on assessment testing to separate good candidates from mediocre and unqualified individuals.

You may ask whether or not your organization needs to subscribe to assessment testing. In order to answer this question, you should know the tell-tale signs that your business indeed needs to improve its recruitment process. Listed below are the signs that your company is really in need of using this type of testing.

Your employees are not motivated– Take time to observe your current employees. If you can vouch that many of them are unmotivated and impassionate about their work, then there must be something wrong with your recruitment process. Your unmotivated employees may not be the most fitting individuals for their positions. Employment mismatching is quite common in the Australian job market. The best way to avoid this scenario in the future, you would want to re-construct your company’s recruitment process, not discounting the benefits of using psychometric testing.

The goals of your financial business are barely met– If your company’s business goals are not met, despite being realistic, then you should feel that there is something wrong with your pool of employees. Your ASX company may be surrounded by inefficient individuals who care less about reaching the company’s goals and insights. In order to curb this problem, you would want to carefully choose the people you include in your company. The best way to do this is to incorporate psychometric testing in your recruitment process, because through you can know whether or not the candidate is a good fit to the company.

Many employees resign– There are two common and major reasons why employees leave, one is because of poor management, and the other one is employment mismatching. If your business is managed well, and many employees still leave, then the problem may be stemming from employment mismatching. Your company may have employed individuals who are not qualified.

There’s always office drama– Is your company always filled with drama? If so, then one major problem your company may be up to involves personality clashes among employees. Gossips, false accusations and other related issues may arise from this, and it could be adversely affect the workflow of your organization. In order to avoid this problem, it is advisable to carefully select the people you hire, and one way to do this is to use assessment testing during the recruitment process.

The best way to improve your pool of employees is to resort to “prevention is better than cure” corporate philosophy. By improving your company’s hiring process, your business will have the opportunity to recruit people who are qualified and share the same vision as the company’s.


Most probable reasons why people choose to be a criminal lawyer

Most probable reasons why people choose to be a criminal lawyer

Are you one among the people who love watching serials or the shows that give a clear picture of investigations of a crime? Most of the people may be interested in watching those shows but when a serious discussion is going on in the court while proving the crime none of us would even like to move away from the televisions. The whole show would revolve around criminal lawyers as they play a vital role in proving the crime. This may inspire many to become a criminal lawyer. Most of the criminal lawyers generally join a criminal law firm like AGP LLP in the initial stage of their profession and learn a lot from the experienced lawyers in the firms. The probable reasons for choosing to become a criminal lawyer are:

  1. It is one of the most challenging jobs: Being a criminal lawyer, the person always needs to be on his toes while serving a client. Apart from applying the skills learnt in the law school, the criminal lawyer also needs to think like a detective to win the case. People who have a flair for investigation will definitely have an added advantage in this profession.
  2. Multiple options for growth with the same professional experience: After being a successful lawyer in a good criminal law firm, in case if you are looking for a change in profession but don’t want to let go of the experience that you gained in these years, you may think of becoming a judge or a faculty in a reputed law schools.
  3. Good earning potential: Our earning potential depends on our profession we choose, so people choose professions which are not seasonal and which don’t have any recessions. One among such professions is being a criminal lawyer. Once we are an established lawyer, we need not think about the future or any other profession. Although, this is not the reason for a lawyer to become a ‘lawyer’, it certainly is one of the inherent reasons.
  4. A feel-good factor: Last but not the least as long as an individual honestly feels that he should do a good job, he keeps trying to bring in more and more improvement in his job. At the end of the case when the lawyer feels that he was either able to save the defendant or get him the least possible sentence or penalty, it gives an immense job satisfaction.

Being a criminal lawyer has two options, either to represent the prosecutor or to represent the defendant. Whatever you choose, each and every step you take can bring in a lot of changes in people’s life. In this profession, it is very important to listen to each and every detail provided by the client and to read between the lines with lot of patience. The judge takes a decision based on the facts represented by criminal lawyers. Hence it is rightly said that we should never lie to our doctor and lawyer. Hope everyone understands its meaning!

Choosing Proper Speakers Canada

motivational speakers

Do you own your very own business? Perhaps you are in charge of a big event and you want it to be perfect. Your employees may not be working as fervently as before and you suspect that this is because they are not as motivated and passionate about their jobs as they used to be. Hiring a motivational speaker Canada to give a speech for an event can be beneficial. It will not guarantee that your employees’ way of thinking about the job will change but at least, you have made an effort to bring back your employees’ passion for what they do.

This is also the same for the event that you are working on. You may feel that the participants are half-hearted about joining. Having a motivational speakers Canada available will remind your participants why they have joined and what the event is for. This will make them realize why they should make more effort into making the event a success. If you would try to do the speech on your own and you do not consider yourself to be a good speaker at all, then your effort may be left unappreciated. You can leave this task to the professional speakers. There are different ones available.

One of the most important things to remember is that the speaker you should choose is someone who can relate to the things that you believe in. A speaker cannot talk about business if he is more focused on talking to people who are going through other issues in life. You can make a list of the speakers that are recommended to you and some advertisements you have come across when you searched online. Delve deeper and learn more about what these speakers talk about. Through their speeches, you can already eliminate quite a few speakers that do not coincide with what you need.

It will be best to search for speakers who are not only well known but have become popular because of talking about their lessons and not their accomplishments. It can be easy for anyone to talk about themselves and the things that they have done. It can be harder for people to share what they have learned. Those who are good however will talk about the mistakes they have created before and how they have gotten back their motivation again. This will make people listen more. Think about it, have you found a person that brags about his accomplishments that you genuinely like? Bragging is okay in small dosages but too much can turn off a lot of listeners.

It will be your choice if you want to hire celebrity speakers to talk in front of the crowd. Speakers who are already well known in what they do may be listened to more because of their name but it is their ability to hold the audience’s attention that will truly change people’s perspective. If you believe that a speaker has the capability to hold your audience’s attention for the whole duration of the talk or the speech then it will not matter that much whether the speaker is a celebrity or not.

The most important thing to remember is to find motivational speakers Canada who will have the ability to connect to the audience. Watch videos of the speakers when they were speaking in front of crowds too. It will give you an idea about their humor and their speaking styles.

5 Effective Methods Used By Public Speakers

Time and advancement has made a great impact on training methods used today, offering a lot of room for improvement. The need is, to come up with the right technique for a particular environment so that the purpose of training can be achieved. The core purpose being, transferring 100% knowledge to the trainees.

Few most common training methods are discussed below. But do you have a proper place for training? If not, you can get a training room for rent and use most of the following methods there.

  1. Lectures

Being the essential element of training, lecture is probably one of the oldest way to teach new ideas to the people, and it has still been one of the most popular and effective way to communicate the message across the audience. Often companies invest in classroom sessions to train their employees. If you think your employees lack motivation or are getting narrow minded due to certain policy changes, you can know more about us is you want to hire change management speakers.

However, it depends upon the lecturer how he communicates the message to ensure everyone understood it. Another advantage of this training method is, you can include most of the other techniques into it.

  1. Role Play

Role play is actually the extension of training that is used to elaborate the point, or shed light to certain weaknesses in employees. Moreover, as attendants are given different roles to perform, chances are that the message becomes more impactful than if it had been in a plane story-telling tone.

  1. Case Studies

Case studies are the key elements of professional training. In fact, organizations conduct most of the training sessions to handle challenges and hurdles in the market. You can conduct a training with the results of the last year in your mind. The trainer presents the case to the executives and analyzes it as deep as he can. The rest depends upon the attendants what solutions or strategies they could come up with. For example:

  • How to increase beverage sales of a company
  • How to improve the reputation of your brand, and more

Case studies are normally part of the meetings and conferences in which limited number of attendants participate.

  1. Audio/Visual Training

Sometimes, motivational speakers take aid of Audio/Visuals to bring that “Wow Factor” into their sessions. To deliver the message clearly to hundreds of attendants, a speaker designs a training aided by audio and visuals. He refers to real life scenarios, share examples of competitors and takes audience deep down into market analysis. Audio-visuals play a vital role in attracting the audience as well as keeping them focused throughout the presentation.

  1. Computer Based Training

Online training or computer based training is still considered to be the modern way of communicating the message. There are quite a few universities and colleges where this particular method has been implemented and received acclamation. The purpose of this training is to deliver the message across cities, towns and countries, making learning fairly easy.

E-learning has been implemented by many countries, such as:

  • In U.S, U.K, and Canada, people can enroll online and complete hours of studies, submit online exams and get degrees.
  • If you’ve been convicted for DUI, you can participate in online program and complete your training.

Worcester Homes For Sale

If you are occupied with discovering Worcester Homes For Sale, then there is no preferred spot to look over the World Wide Web. With the help of real estate listing platform, you’ll locate 675 actve homes for sale estimated from $ 150,000 to $ 600,000. That said, you will be able to access 65 single family homes as well as 16 condos. That said than done, The essential thing is that you finda site listing site, it will offer you  diverse type of properties, with the goal that you can look at and settle on the one you like the most. In the meantime, you ought to be vigilant for a site that has alluring costs for the properties introduced, so you find something that fits within the spending that you have. The home in Worcester costed from $ 229,995 to $ 379,995. It incorporates single family homes of up to four rooms, evaluated from 162,950

In a previous couple of years, more individuals have begun to comprehend that the Internet is one of the best places suggested for discovering Worcester Homes For Sale. The change from customary hunt techniques – the daily paper, informal exchange et cetera – was fascinating, as the planned purchasers and dealers had finally the chance to meet in a typical spot, which means the online environment. These days, it just takes two or three minutes before you discover Worcester Homes For Sale and the greatest favorable position is that you don’t need to go out keeping in mind the end goal. the three-room homes in another awesome area, valued from $ 159,995 to $ 192,500. There are three-to five-room properties accessible in Worcester evaluated from $ 179,995, or a decision of two-and three-room homes valued from $ 151,995.


When you have found the site that has diverse sorts of properties accessible available to be purchased, the following evident stride will be to refine your pursuit. For some individuals, the chance to pick diverse components identified with the house, for example, the number of rooms or bathrooms, the presence of the carport of different courtesies, disentangles the pursuit procedure and recoveries a ton of time or exertion that would have been spent in finding such data. The homes available to be purchased in Worcester are introduced in point of interest over the Internet so that everybody can discover something reasonable for him/her and the family.

Along these lines, now you can search for housing without really moving from your PC. It is especially valuable with regards to purchasing another house, as you can take a gander at a few properties and see the photographs that are exhibited, without stressing that you won’t have room schedule-wise to see each one of them. Presently, you can see the photographs that accompany the point by point portrayal of the property and pick one of the apartment suites available to be purchased in Worcester for instance. The entire procedure is unbelievably straightforward, whether you have involvement in the field of land or not.

Try not to waver to go online today and see with your own eyes the offers made for Worcester Homes For Sale by organizations that have a ton of involvement in the field. Look at the data that is offered for every property specifically and ensure that you comprehend the distinctive components displayed. At exactly that point you can settle on the sort of property that you would need to buy and possibly pick one of the exquisite Worcester Homes For Sale. Taking a gander at land over the Internet can be a fun encounter so you have every one of the reasons on the planet why you ought to try it out.

Tips to find the best business in Auckland at a reasonable price

Nowadays, most of the people were searching for the best ways to start a new business or to by an existing business. It is more difficult for them to find the right business that is having more profits with very fewer investments. It is more important for them to do their study about a particular business for few days before making agreement to buy that business. The study will provide guidance for the new people to know about the tricks to make profits on the business. The details provided on the internet about the best and simple procedures to make money with business would be helpful for the people.

One should follow a line of investigation about the different types of businesses available for sale in their locality. So, they can get an idea about the business that is having more profits and located in the heart of the city. There are many types of businesses available for sale in Auckland and it is available at a reasonable price. The person looking for the best business to buy in New Zealand can use their internet connection. Most of the business people were providing details about their business and its profits on the internet to help the buyers.


Finding the best business to buy

The person interested to start a new business that is having more profits should undergo a deep study. It is important for the beginners to go through the descriptions and other details provided on the internet completely before signing the agreement. The suggestions provided on the internet pages would be helpful for the buyers to know about the business and its specialties. It is important for the buyers to go through the description about the business provided by the seller before purchasing it. So, they can get an idea about the profits of the business without any difficulties.

Any individual can access the pages providing information about the businesses for sale in Auckland. So, they can get some useful information about the best business they were searching for. At the same time, it would be helpful for the buyers to get some useful information about the business and its specialties before making payments for that. One must go through the suggestions provided on the internet completely before buying the business for making more profits. With the help of internet, one can easily find the best business that is suitable for them.

Own your business at a reasonable price

The person interested to own a business in a city should find the best procedures to buy an existing business instead of starting a new business. So, they can easily get more profits on their business without any difficulties. One can get some useful information about the businesses available for sale in their locality with the help of their internet connection. It will provide guidance for the buyers to know about the price of the business and the name transfer procedures. So, the new owners can avoid huge expenses in changing the owner’s name legally.

The internet pages providing information about the businesses available for sale would be helpful for the people. Visit here for numerous Businesses for sale in Auckland Central at a reasonable price. By visiting the site, one can get some useful information about the best and simple procedures to buy businesses in Central Auckland. At the same time, it would be useful for the people to know about the benefits of owning their businesses in the city. The information provided on the World Wide Web about the best businesses would be useful for the new people.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Starting New Business In Sri Lanka

While the rules of starting a business may vary from one place to another, in case of Sri Lanka, it is more relaxed as the formalities and laws are considerably easy going. Before venturing out on this quest, it is advisable to keep in mind that starting a new business will not make you rich overnight because it does not offer immediate returns.

Nevertheless, if you invest in the right sector or type of Sri Lankan business then you will be rewarded handsomely, but it takes time .When it comes to Sri Lanka, some of the popular or more rewarding sectors to invest in would be software development, BPO, tea industry, rubber industry, garment technology and so on

Starting a new business in Sri Lanka — Do’s

– Do look around for reliable and accurate professional advice from a local business consultant, especially in terms of finding ways to invest in the business

– Do get your business set up by experienced and knowledgeable business tycoons if possible

– Do talk to the Sri Lanka Board of Investment to carry out the initial step

– Do compile a neat, presentable and attractive business proposal and keep it handy because you will be needing it often

– Do reserve a unique name for your company and register it with the Department of Registrar of Companies in Sri Lanka

 – Do employ an efficient Company Secretary to sign various necessary incorporation documents

– Do issue a public notice of incorporation as it is mandatory under the Companies Act

– Do register your company with the Sri Lankan tax authorities for a TIN or Tax Identification Number of your business

– Do obtain EPF (Employees’ Provident Fund) and ETF (Employees’ Trust Fund) registration for the welfare of your employees so that you can establish a long and mutually beneficial relationship with them Do bank on local media and social networking sites as a platform to promote your business ideas Do create demand for your product or service(s) not just in Sri Lanka but worldwide (if possible) Do analyze the income progress from time to time

– Do mobilize improvement procedures for your Sri Lankan business in a continuous manner, this is particularly important at the initial stage

– Do issue shares to the public

Starting a new business in Sri Lanka — Don’ts

– Don’t consider starting your new business in a field that you do not like

– Don’t risk all your valuable assets in the business, it is always wise to put a limitation to your liabilities with a predetermined amount Don’t skip out on conducting a feasible study before you invest in the business Don’t ignore the negative aspects of the business you’re contemplating Don’t bank on textbook knowledge alone Don’t skip out on reading the fine print Don’t choose your co-founders or business partners without evaluating them thoroughly Don’t forget to pay your taxes on time and file annual returns

 – Don’t ignore marketing efforts required to build a strong customer base for your new business in Sri Lanka.

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Victoria Andrea lives in Bristol, UK and is an avid reader and blogger. Since her early years she’s had a passion for writing. Her articles have been published in leading UK newspapers. Her areas of interest are Travel, Fashion, Lifestyle, Food, Reviews (Book/Movie), Fitness and Health. She works as a guest blogger on her chosen areas of interest and currently writes on behalf of Sri Lankan visa which helps in visa assistance service.

Easy ideas to enhance your family finances

In the today’s economical world the earning and maintaining of the family’s finance is really a tedious work. Where each of you will be having the own personal finance, the media is also focusing on the job markets and the health of the economy. The stability of your finance will depend on your maintance. But maintance is not the easy process in the today’s economy because slight changes in the economic status also will cause the fear and frustration. In this revolution however the both men and women go for job also struggling in saving the finance for the future purpose. Where it is becomes tedious job for the present generation because of the tremendous changes in their life style. Here are some ideas to help them to enhance their family finances.

Easy steps for enhancing family finance

Map your spending

Each month you will have the expenses which will remain constant. These types of expense are known as the fixed expenses. Example for fixed expenses is the monthly rent on the place you stay, car payments and the monthly utility goods etc. so you have to map the fixed expenses of the month and make it most sense that will helps you in saving the amount.


Tracking your discretionary expenses

The discretionary expenses are unexpected situation what you face in the early of the month. The examples of these types of the expenses is that giving treats on the birthday, going for the coffee shop, watching movies in theater, going sudden trip with the friends etc which will make you to spend more than what you calculated. At the end of the month only it will troubles you and you will be thinking how the salary gets over. So the perfect planning must be needed. to solve these problem you can have separate money for the discretionary expenses.

Try to involve the family in discussing family goals

You have to teach your children about the home finance and make them understand it. You have to spend the enormous amount for the children. Making your children to involve in the discussion will help them to understand the family situation. It will also increase the family bond. The mutual understanding of the family members will help you in having the savings for the future use.

Numbers And Finance

Create the saving goal 

You have to make the correct planning on your monthly expenses. At least start small saving accounts that will really help you in needy situation. Treat your saving accounts like any other bill. There are many banks are available to manage your accounts. So try to have at least one saving accounts in the bank that will really help you a lot.

Create the budget 

Creating the budgets is the really successful one which will helps you to run the family without meeting any money shortage. The realistic budget is the critical tool but it making it perfect will helps you to achieve the financial.

Effective Tips For Starting Business


The business is a best platform to expose our talent in the global market. For a fresher, it is more challenge to undertake a business. There are many tips for becoming a leader in business platform such as

  • Business plan
  • Way of approach
  • Implementation
  • Result analysis

Business plan

The person should decide a perfect platform for his needs. There should be sufficient amount of team members in order to work effectively. The fundamental plan for business should be frame worked in a proper manner. There should be discussion session held by the superior authority with the team members. The members should be working together without any kind disputes. The plan for starting business should be developed according to the strength of the organization.

business plans

Way of approach 

The higher authority should treat his team members in a friendly manner. The co-operation and co-ordination must be in the level of stable state. Also after taking decisions, the approach should be more professional and legal one.


The plan must be implemented in a prior manner. There should be proper guidelines for implementing business plans in a desire path.

Result analysis

The plans must be followed as per specified routine. There will be a proper result for those plans. The obtained results must be verified with standard results.

Generally people will plan to undertake a business based on their effort. Some of the major classification of business is listed below

  • Large scale business
  •  Small scale business

Large scale business

Many business professionals will look forward for a high capital investment for their business. The business investment should be made in tolerable manner and must be legible one. The business professionals can apply for a business loan from banking sector. The scaling level of business loans is decided by the banking sector.


Small scale business

Some of the business professionals will look for small scale cottage industries. There should be a proper planning for establishing small scale sector in an effective way.

In order to become more successful in business sector it is necessary to have proper promotional activities in a proper way. There are many ways in which promotion can be given in a proper way. There should be a proper ethics to be followed in promotional activity.

Mass media advertising

There are plenty of business promotional activities which are provided with lot of innovative ideas. Some of the mass media like television, radio and newspaper. This kind of advertisements will be posted for future incidents or related to any kind of events.

Flex banner advertising

One of the most important advertising procedures will be flex banners. Many of the reputed business concerns will look forward for a banner advertising mode. The flex banners are placed in a public place for popularity purpose.

Online advertising

Online acts as a best platform for implementing the best for business promotions. There are several advertisements which are posted in online for effective promotion. Even social media acts as a best platform for advertising.