Understanding The Car Insurance Sg Dispute Resolution Process

Even after careful driving there are possibilities of car accidents which may happen to you anytime. In such events, most of the car owners are not worried as they know that their car insurance would cover most of their expenses incurred from the accident. But in some cases, you find that you and your car insurance company don’t see eye to eye in regards to the benefits you are entitled to. Many a times you may face disagreement with the insurance agency regarding all your claims. These disagreements usually arise from the situations surrounding the approval of your claims, amount due on your bills, and even due to complete non-payment of the claims.

Solving all such claims and coverage disputes would require you and the insurance company to come in a settlement that not only benefits you, but also your insurance company. But before it would happen you are required to understand your rights and the car insurance sg dispute resolution process.

What are the Legal Methods and Car Insurance Dispute Resolution Process?

If the car owner is not satisfied and doesn’t agree with the decision of the car insurance company after being reviewed both externally and in-house, then they may use the following legal methods or Car Insurance Dispute Resolution Process to resolve all claim disputes with the insurance company.

  • Mediation –Mediation is basically the pre-legal method where your insurance claim lawyer and the insurance company would sit down to discuss the things in presence of any neutral mediator. This pre-legal process can be held in person, over the phone and also in video conferencing. The process needs to be completed within 60 days from approval of application. But in some cases it may also prolong until both the parties agree in writing. It is necessary that you and your lawyer are present in all the mediation conferences and meetings.
  • Arbitration – If mediation process failed to resolve the claim dispute, then the second Car Insurance Dispute Resolution Process is arbitration. In order to be eligible for this legal process your application needs to come from you and not from the insurance company. The application must be submitted within 2 years of starting of the claim dispute or at least 90 days after the meditation process has been filed, whichever is later.

In the process your representative and you will sit in a meeting with the arbitrator so as to discuss the case and this meeting is referred as pre-hearing conference.

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