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5 Ways to Reduce the Wear on Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine

5 Ways to Reduce the Wear on Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine

The Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) process is used to drill a borehole with a radius much larger than the depth. It’s commonly used to install pipelines or energy cables underground, but can be applied for other purposes as well.

Due to its technical uses, the wear and tear on HDD machines is substantial, with each machine being able to go through two or three encasements during its service life. This means that the parts have to be replaced every few years, which can be costly. In most cases, however, you can extend the life of an hdd drilling machine by taking some  precautions.

Use Quality Tools 

The tools that you use with a horizontal directional drilling machine will affect its efficiency as well as reduce wear on it. Thus, it is important to use quality tools.

Drill bits are engineered to withstand the harsh conditions experienced during drilling, including heat, pressure, abrasion, torsion or twisting. Using a poor-quality bit will result in the bit failing prematurely, requiring costly repairs or replacement of the drill.

Keep the Machine Clean

This includes lubrication points, mud drums, reamers, etc. Anything that is exposed to the drilling slurry will begin wearing quickly if not cared for. Thus, it is recommended that mud drums and reamers be cleaned after every use.

Anything with a seal (such as lubrication points) should also be checked and re-oiled if necessary.

hdd drilling machine

Lubricate the Drill Bits Regularly

Using cutting lubricant on the drill bits will help reduce the amount of heat that’s generated from the drilling process. The lubricant will also help keep the drill bits sharp and working at optimal levels. Also, if you’re using a dry-drill, this lubrication is even more important to prevent damage to the interior components of the machine.

Use Good Quality Mud

When the drill string passes through the ground, it creates friction. This frictional heat builds up and can reach temperatures of more than 300° Fahrenheit (150° Celsius). If the temperature is not controlled, this overheating can cause the drill string to fracture. This usually occurs when cutting steel or when drilling clay or shale formations.

The mud acts as a prime coolant, inhibiting the drill from overheating and fracturing. The mud also lubricates the tool joint connections and carries cuttings away from the bit so they do not cause further wear on the machine. It remains important for the mud to be of good quality, otherwise it loses these properties. It’s especially important that the mud does not contain any chemicals which can damage the tool joints or cause the drill string to fracture.

Carry  Out Routine Maintenance 

To reduce the wear on horizontal directional drilling machines, it’s important to perform regular cleanings and preventative maintenance. Unscheduled outages and excessive machine down time due to repairs, can be minimized or even eliminated by performing daily cleanings.

This is especially important for companies who have to travel long distances with their equipment. Short trips are usually not a problem, but when you get out on the road a week or two at a time. It’s imperative that you clean all of your fluid reservoirs and blow them free of any debris and/or dirt and keep the machine clean.

Most problems that arise require a process of elimination on what you can check first. Most people would start by checking fluid levels, checking for loose parts and belts, replacing underreamer bits and performing inspections.

Choosing Proper Speakers Canada

motivational speakers

Do you own your very own business? Perhaps you are in charge of a big event and you want it to be perfect. Your employees may not be working as fervently as before and you suspect that this is because they are not as motivated and passionate about their jobs as they used to be. Hiring a motivational speaker Canada to give a speech for an event can be beneficial. It will not guarantee that your employees’ way of thinking about the job will change but at least, you have made an effort to bring back your employees’ passion for what they do.

This is also the same for the event that you are working on. You may feel that the participants are half-hearted about joining. Having a motivational speakers Canada available will remind your participants why they have joined and what the event is for. This will make them realize why they should make more effort into making the event a success. If you would try to do the speech on your own and you do not consider yourself to be a good speaker at all, then your effort may be left unappreciated. You can leave this task to the professional speakers. There are different ones available.

One of the most important things to remember is that the speaker you should choose is someone who can relate to the things that you believe in. A speaker cannot talk about business if he is more focused on talking to people who are going through other issues in life. You can make a list of the speakers that are recommended to you and some advertisements you have come across when you searched online. Delve deeper and learn more about what these speakers talk about. Through their speeches, you can already eliminate quite a few speakers that do not coincide with what you need.

It will be best to search for speakers who are not only well known but have become popular because of talking about their lessons and not their accomplishments. It can be easy for anyone to talk about themselves and the things that they have done. It can be harder for people to share what they have learned. Those who are good however will talk about the mistakes they have created before and how they have gotten back their motivation again. This will make people listen more. Think about it, have you found a person that brags about his accomplishments that you genuinely like? Bragging is okay in small dosages but too much can turn off a lot of listeners.

It will be your choice if you want to hire celebrity speakers to talk in front of the crowd. Speakers who are already well known in what they do may be listened to more because of their name but it is their ability to hold the audience’s attention that will truly change people’s perspective. If you believe that a speaker has the capability to hold your audience’s attention for the whole duration of the talk or the speech then it will not matter that much whether the speaker is a celebrity or not.

The most important thing to remember is to find motivational speakers Canada who will have the ability to connect to the audience. Watch videos of the speakers when they were speaking in front of crowds too. It will give you an idea about their humor and their speaking styles.

5 Effective Methods Used By Public Speakers

Time and advancement has made a great impact on training methods used today, offering a lot of room for improvement. The need is, to come up with the right technique for a particular environment so that the purpose of training can be achieved. The core purpose being, transferring 100% knowledge to the trainees.

Few most common training methods are discussed below. But do you have a proper place for training? If not, you can get a training room for rent and use most of the following methods there.

  1. Lectures

Being the essential element of training, lecture is probably one of the oldest way to teach new ideas to the people, and it has still been one of the most popular and effective way to communicate the message across the audience. Often companies invest in classroom sessions to train their employees. If you think your employees lack motivation or are getting narrow minded due to certain policy changes, you can know more about us is you want to hire change management speakers.

However, it depends upon the lecturer how he communicates the message to ensure everyone understood it. Another advantage of this training method is, you can include most of the other techniques into it.

  1. Role Play

Role play is actually the extension of training that is used to elaborate the point, or shed light to certain weaknesses in employees. Moreover, as attendants are given different roles to perform, chances are that the message becomes more impactful than if it had been in a plane story-telling tone.

  1. Case Studies

Case studies are the key elements of professional training. In fact, organizations conduct most of the training sessions to handle challenges and hurdles in the market. You can conduct a training with the results of the last year in your mind. The trainer presents the case to the executives and analyzes it as deep as he can. The rest depends upon the attendants what solutions or strategies they could come up with. For example:

  • How to increase beverage sales of a company
  • How to improve the reputation of your brand, and more

Case studies are normally part of the meetings and conferences in which limited number of attendants participate.

  1. Audio/Visual Training

Sometimes, motivational speakers take aid of Audio/Visuals to bring that “Wow Factor” into their sessions. To deliver the message clearly to hundreds of attendants, a speaker designs a training aided by audio and visuals. He refers to real life scenarios, share examples of competitors and takes audience deep down into market analysis. Audio-visuals play a vital role in attracting the audience as well as keeping them focused throughout the presentation.

  1. Computer Based Training

Online training or computer based training is still considered to be the modern way of communicating the message. There are quite a few universities and colleges where this particular method has been implemented and received acclamation. The purpose of this training is to deliver the message across cities, towns and countries, making learning fairly easy.

E-learning has been implemented by many countries, such as:

  • In U.S, U.K, and Canada, people can enroll online and complete hours of studies, submit online exams and get degrees.
  • If you’ve been convicted for DUI, you can participate in online program and complete your training.